Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rachel Gets Married – Audience Gets Bored

Watching Rachel Getting Married is like being forced to watch the home movie of someone you barely know with the added irritation of also falling into the traditional language of film school.
As I was watching Rachel, I knew that film critics were going to just eat it up. Why is it that they love poorly-made movies? Like it is somehow the height of filmmaking to dispense with steady cam shots and original plot? I once heard a quote about foreign films that said that people only think they are interesting because they are boring. And the same can be said for this Indie film.
Anne Hathaway has gotten a day pass out of rehab to go to her sister’s wedding and while she is there what do you think might happen? Family dynamics are explored and old wounds have their band-aids ripped off.
Hathaway behaves like a drug addict and expects to be treated like a normal person. Her behavior makes everyone feel awkward and I don’t see how sitting and watching it won’t make you want to make some excuse to use the bathroom.
It isn’t so much that the acting is nonexistent and the script, if there was one, is unoriginal – it’s just so boring and mundane and pretends to be dealing with this deep and affecting pathos of family.

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Catherine said...

i thought it was a great.