Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fielding Melish falls for a female activist and in order to win her love goes over to San Marcos where he gets involved with the revolution going on there.

If this sounds like a turn to the serious for Allen, just know that the movie starts out with Howard Cosell giving a play-by-play narration of the assassination of a South American dictator.

Like in Take the Money and Run, Allen pits the serious against the funny. Unfortunately, I feel that the serious aspects are overshadowing. They don't work as harmoniously with the jokes as his first movie. Most of the funniest scenes have nothing to do with the plot. Like his dream of being carried on a crucifix by monks who get into a skirmish with similarly crucifix-carrying monks trying to parallel park.

There are a few little homages to various other movies like Modern Times and The Battleship Potemkin. But otherwise, not an entirely intersting movie. I might give it three stars.

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