Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Just Happened?

I have no idea but it was bad.
Ok, so I shouldn’t be reviewing this movie because I didn’t actually watch all of it. For someone who can sit through seven-hour-long movies, that’s saying something.
When you decide to make a movie about making a bad movie, you’re flirting with disaster. It’s really hard not to end up with a horrible movie. But that’s what Barry Levinson has done and what he has ended up with.
I’ve also always had a hard time with movies in which some actors play themselves and other actors play fictional characters. Robert De Niro is a movie producer who is not Robert De Niro but is trying to get an awful movie released starring Sean Penn who plays himself playing the starring role of the movie within the movie, Fiercely. And then there is also another movie being made starring Bruce Willis as Bruce Willis in the leading role. It could be funny. It could almost be a Charlie Kaufman movie. But it is not. It’s just painful. To spice it up there are interstitial shots that look inspired by Godard and do nothing to make the movie any more interesting or tolerable.
I don’t think I’ve seen a worse half of a movie about movies since Robert Altman’s The Player.

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